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Mana RUTF packets donated

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In July 2015, Good Spread buyers donated over 40,000 packets of Mana Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to malnourished children in Nicaragua.  This was the first time the lifesaving medicine had been introduced to the country and it was received extremely well, distributed both through government run health clinics and to more rural families in need through World Vision.

Updates From the Field

A Thank You

We’re back from Nicaragua and will continue to update you as we hear stories from the field. We have come back extremely inspired and can’t wait to see where these kids (like Nicole) go when they grow up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in this mission.

We made it to Nicaragua!

Alex, me (Mark) and our friend Tyler have all made it to Nicaragua and met up with the World Vision team here. Our first contact here was Miriam Diaz, an incredible World Vision aid worker who will help guide us through the different ADPs (Area Development Program) and introduce us to children and families who have benefited from YOUR donations of MANA RUTF. First task though… Nicaraguan food! Here we go!



Chronic malnutrition rates in 5 out of 17 states


Population without access to health services


Survive on less than $1.25 USD daily


Households live in poverty

Meet the Team

Miriam Diaz

World Vision Nicaragua

Xochilt Talavera

Dietician and Nurse,
World Vision Nicaragua

Nurse Rhina Lozano

Ministry of Health, Nicaragua

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